Hearth plate

Hearth plate for an NCAT ignition oven.

Our hearth plates are made by the manufacturer as a direct replacement for your oven. This plate is compatible with 859, 945, 1087, and 1275 series ovens. Each hearth plate comes with 4 standoffs designed to fit onto the ceramic tubes inside the chamber.

Hearth plate for an NCAT ignition oven

The Hearth plate that stands up to heat

The Hearth plate for an NCAT ignition oven is designed to hold up to the intense heat of the furnace. Capable of maintaining its shape with temperatures at 538°C, this platform enables the NCAT to accurately weigh samples placed inside an NCAT. The design features four small standoffs on the bottom of the plate to secure the hearth plate’s position above the balance.

Standoffs to secure the weighing platform

These four standoffs stop the hearth plate from moving by sitting inside each of the four ceramic cylinders. Without them, the plate will move whenever a sample basket slides over its surface. The hearth plate’s position is essential to the accuracy of the sample weight.

Hearth pate upside down to show the standoffs

Perfectly weighed for ideal Setra conditions

The Setra balance is fine-tuned to operate inside of an NCAT ignition oven. Because of this tuning, the balance is pre-tared out to the weight of the hearth plate. Our hearth plates weigh the correct amount so that the Setra can be zeroed before each use.



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