Meet our featured products!

Service you can count on

NCAT Ignition Furnace

We repair, we refurbish, we rebuild. We know the in’s and outs of NCAT Ignition Furnaces

General Heating Ovens

All models can be repaired and service by our experienced technicians.

Lab Calibrations and Service

We are equipped to handle calibrations on all of your lab equipment.

Tempyrox Pyrolytic Ovens

We have the only factory trained technician qualified to service these units. Every part is stocked.

Why choose GTSSI as your service provider?

Pieces of Equipment Serviced
Hours of Technical Support
Gallons of coffee consumed

We offer over-the-phone technical support to our loyal customers. During the phone call we can diagnose 98% of all technical issues. This allows us to prepare for your service trip so we can fix your issue in one visit.

Speaking of visits, did you know that we try our best to schedule service outside of plant operating hours?

We feel that maintenance shouldn’t be the reason your plant can’t run.

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Refurbished equipment that lasts

1. Acquire

GTSSI scours the country to find used equipment. Units that show promise are acquired and brought to our main facility.

2. Inspect

Our technicians take apart the unit and inspect every piece. We ensure that we replace any component that doesnt meet our strict quality control standards.

3. Rebuild

We put everything back together in its rightful place, making sure every single screw is tightened and doors are aligned.

4. Test

We run each unit through its paces, cycling each of them multiple times to ensure they are in perfect working condition.

5. Save Money

GTSSI refurbished units are a fraction of the cost of newer equipment, yet still come with the same warrenty as new units do!

Gordon Technical wants your stuff!

That’s right, on top of all the other services we provide we have a trade-in program for our customers. We take the equipment that’s hanging around, not doing anything for your lab and convert it into credit you can use to purchase other items from us.

How it works:

  1. Fill out our contact form (Make sure you include serial numbers and any other relevant information)
  2. We analyze your equipment
  3. We tell you how much credit you can earn

The fine print

If both parties decide to make the trade, we will need you to prepare your equipment for shipping (palletizing/boxing where appropriate). Credit is good for the calendar year in which it was provided (January to December). For trade-ins in the last quarter (October-December) we will extend credit to June of the following year. Credit can only be used to purchase products and is not eligible for service. Credit is only valid for companies in good credit standing and can be restricted at any time based on credit standing.