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We are your go-to for NCAT service, pyrolytic oven service, lab supplies, and out of the box thinking. We don’t force you to buy new equipment. We use our expertise to guide you to fix the stuff you already have. We save you money and ensure that your lab stays up and running. And if your equipment isn’t able to be repaired, or you’re just looking for other options, we partner with multiple equipment providers to find you the best solution!

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Pyrolytic Oven, Click here for more info.

The best and biggest Pyrolytic oven on the market.

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Ohaus Explorer

GTSSI now offers Ohaus scales

Every scale available, simply Contact Us for more information

Karol-Warner Digital Manometer

Karol Warner®

Digital Absolute Pressure Manometer

Digital Absolute Pressure Manometer is a mercury-free, eco-friendly alternative for vacuum pressure measuring during lab applications. The Digital Absolute Pressure Manometer is often used when performing AASHTO T 209 and ASTM D2041 Asphalt Bulk Specific Gravity (Rice) Tests.

GTSSI has fully vetted Yamato ovens!

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Are you tired of hand cleaning your glassware?

P.I.E.² Oven
  • Anti-corrosive stainless steel exterior

  • 5.0 cu/ft. (141.6L) oven chamber – The LARGEST on the market

  • All digital, easy-to-use, customized display


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