Pull Road Cores, Not Your Back

The FootLock Core Puller was designed with you in mind. Pull cores without having to bend down, lock on with just your foot, and stay aware of what’s going on around you.

FootLock Core Removal Tool for 6" Cores red in color with Gordon Technical's company logo carved out

Meet The Product

FootLock Core Removal Tool with infographic numbers highlighting all of the features.
  1. Foot Activated Clamping: You won’t need to use 2 hands to pick up a core, just stomp on the lever and you’re locked in.
  2. Wooden Handle: Don’t let a hot day ruin your hands, our wooden handle stays cool even when its left in your truck bed.
  3. An Extra Grip: There are multiple built-in grab points so you can grab wherever you want.
  4. Adjustable tightness: Our clamps won’t stop clamping over time thanks to our tightening bolt.
  5. Special Design Fin: The bottom of our panels are designed to cup the bottom of the core just right.
  6. Extra Grip: Our fins have a specialized cutout pattern designed to grip tight to the core.

How It Works

Place FootLock in Hole

Push Down Lever

Pull Up Core