FootLock Core Removal Tool


The FootLock Core Removal Tool is a core puller that extracts 6” cores out of the ground without having to bend over or look down. It works by using a foot lever to lock onto the core and has a handle to make removing the cores much easier.

For QC Managers, who are always putting their bodies on the line, FootLock is a core removal tool that eliminates the need to bend over or use your hands to extract cores from the road. Unlike other core removal tools out there, our product allows you to stay upright, lock onto the core with your foot, and keep an eye on your surroundings.

  • You can monitor oncoming traffic while pulling cores
  • Use your foot to lock onto the core
  • No bending down or getting back up
  • Grab it from anywhere and the core stays locked in
  • Wooden handle to save your hands from the heat
  • One Handed operation (If you want)

The FootLock Core Removal Tool makes pulling cores so easy, your techs will actually want to use it.

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