Gradation Pan


Our gradation pan is American made and is used to collect all of the material off of a sieve during cleaning.

The size of the pan (16″ x 17″ x 3″) ensures that all of your fines are accounted for and the angled sides and corners make pouring everything easier.

Introducing the Gradation Pan – a practical solution for sieve cleaning and material collection. Our Pan is designed for a seamless sieving experience, helping you keep track of your fines.

Material Collection

The size of our Pan is engineered to capture all material from a sieve during cleaning, ensuring accurate and consistent gradation results. This makes the gradation of aggregate much easier.

Angled Sides and Corners

The Gradation Pan features angled sides and corners for easy pouring of collected materials, minimizing spills and streamlining your workflow.

Durable Construction

Made from quality materials, this pan is built for daily use in laboratories and industrial settings. Its construction ensures lasting performance and reliability.

Your best choice

Choose our Gradation Pan to simplify your sieving process and improve the accuracy of your gradation results. Its design and durability make it a valuable tool for particle size analysis and material testing.

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