Coarse Ceramic Filter

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Coarse ceramic filter for an NCAT Ignition oven. Designed to fit 859, 945, 1087, and 1275 series models.

The 859 and 945 series units require two coarse ceramic filters to function.

coarse ceramic filter with a more detailed image of the holes

Coarse Ceramic filter for the NCAT Ignition oven

The coarse ceramic filter was designed to catch the large bits of ash and debris that are produced during a sample burn. If these pieces end up in the exhaust system, the NCAT will lose efficiency and eventually won’t work at all. That’s without mentioning the heavy amount of pollution that this debris would cause.

The filter collects the debris and allows the afterburner to heat it up until it breaks down into smaller pieces. This reduces the strain on the exhaust system and makes the exhaust much cleaner than it would be otherwise.

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