NCAT Thermal Printer Paper – 5 Roll box


NCAT Thermal Printer Paper for an NCAT Ignition Oven sold in boxes of 5 rolls.

QuantityDiscountPer Item Price
10-19 $14.75 $13.50 $13.50
20+ $14.75 $12.50 $12.50

Our paper rolls are individually wrapped to protect all of the layers. Thermal paper is incredibly sensitive to light, touch and heat, and may not print if it comes into contact with any of these.

Each NCAT Thermal Printer Paper roll can be used for approximately 150 burns (Short Ticket). This number was calculated assuming you only need to use about ten inches of paper during installation.

Storage Tips

If you’re buying thermal paper, make sure to keep it in a dark place that is safe from the heat.


If you’re thermal printer isn’t printing on your paper, you might have it facing the wrong way. Reinstall your paper the other way and see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t, remove a few layers of paper and try both sides again.

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