NCAT Thermal Printer


The NCAT Thermal Printer is designed to fit into newer series (1275, 1087, and Ignition) control panels. This printer prints on special thermal paper and is capable of printing long or short tickets for your burns.

This printer uses direct thermal printer technology to create tickets for an NCAT Ignition furnace.

How It Works

Direct thermal printing works by heating special paper to make images. As the paper goes through the printer, heat creates the picture or text by turning the heated parts black.

What NCAT’s will this printer fit into?

The NCAT Thermal Printer can only fit newer series panels (1275, 1087, and Ignition). If you don’t know what series NCAT you have, click here.

What do i do if my NCAT has an older panel?

This printer is actually compatible with older series NCAT’s. The problem is that older panels are cut to fit a different style of printer and the hole for the printer is not correct. We know how to fix this and if you purchase through us, we can help you install it, or walk you through the process.


If you paper feeds through but there is no text showing, then your paper may have been put in backwards. And before you start saying that you’ve been replacing paper for years just know that we also make this mistake from time to time.

You’re able to reset the NCAT Thermal Printer by removing the ribbon cable for a minute and then reconnecting it. If you have purchased your printer from us and are looking to do this, reach out to us and we can walk you through all of the steps.

Sometimes, the printer heads stop working. This is extremely rare but it can happen. Replacing your printer is the only fix for this one.

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