Extraction Grade Trichloroethylene


Extraction Grade Trichloroethylene (Reagent Grade) in either a bottle or a 55 gallon drum. Used in a centrifuge or auto-extractor to find out how much asphalt is present in your mix.

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Introducing our top-quality Extraction Grade Trichloroethylene, also known as Reagent Grade TCE. This superior product is specially formulated for the precise and efficient extraction of asphalt content in various mixtures. Whether you are in the road construction industry, conducting research in a laboratory, or involved in any asphalt-related work, our Extraction Grade Trichlorethylene is the go-to solution for you.

Offered in a convenient bottle or a large-capacity 55-gallon drum, this solvent allows for optimal flexibility based on the size and nature of your projects. Its high purity and consistency assure accurate and reproducible results every time, making it an indispensable tool for quality control and research work.

Ideal for use with both centrifuge and auto-extractor systems, our Reagent Grade Trichlorethylene simplifies the asphalt extraction process, increasing your productivity and ensuring your mix’s properties meet the stringent quality requirements. This top-tier solvent efficiently penetrates the asphalt mix, breaking down the binding properties and separating the individual components for accurate evaluation.

As a highly versatile solvent, it’s not only restricted to asphalt content identification but can be employed in various extraction processes that require high-purity Trichlorethylene. Our Reagent Grade TCE ensures that you are using the best quality product for your testing and extraction needs.

Trust our Extraction Grade Trichlorethylene for a reliable, efficient, and accurate solution to determine asphalt content. Invest in quality, precision, and consistency to ensure your results are always dependable and up to industry standards.

Remember, quality control starts with using the best, and our Reagent Grade Trichlorethylene is just that. Choose our product today and elevate the standard of your asphalt analysis and other extraction needs.

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