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  • MaryAnn Sieve shaker by Instrotek which is green in color and which we can provide a sieve shaker verification on

    MaryAnn® Laboratory Sifter


    Discover the newest version of the industry-loved MaryAnn Sieve Shaker. The box has been re-worked to cut down on noise levels and features a door hinge that opens completely to make sieve loading easier. This shaker can process 12″ or 8″ sieves with just the flick of a switch.

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  • image of an AutoXtract asphalt analyzer

    AutoXtract Asphalt Analyzer Quote


    The AutoXtract Asphalt Analyzer is a closed loop extraction unit able to separate and extract the binder, filler and aggregates from your asphalt sample. It can be used with various solvents including TCE.

  • Angled view of a CoreDry Pro

    CoreDry Pro


    The CoreDry Pro by Instrotek is the newest tool for your lab. Able to dry cores at the same speed and quality as the original unit, it also allows you to use the vacuum pump and integrated PumpSaver for your Rice Test.

  • Instrotek SmartLoader

    Instrotek SmartLoader Load Frame Quote


    InstroTek SmartLoader™: Your universal solution for asphalt and soil compression tests. Equipped for Balanced Mix Design and tailored for adaptability. Streamline your lab experience with easy touch controls and varied test capabilities, all in a compact design.

  • Smartracker Hamburg Wheel Tracker

    SmarTracker™ Hamburg Wheel Tracker Quote


    Discover the InstroTek SmarTracker™ – your ally in achieving a perfectly balanced mix design. Expertly crafted to make wheel tracking safer, simpler, and more accurate, its unique design and features streamline your testing process. Dive into precision with the SmarTracker™.

  • Rainhart – Contabro Machine


    Discover the Contabro Machine – your go-to for determining the percent abrasion loss of asphalt mixtures. With a heavy-duty steel cylinder and a user-friendly design, achieving a balanced mix design has never been easier. Plus, its adaptable control panel is both wall and bench mount-friendly!

  • PumpSaver™ by Instrotek

    PumpSaver™ by InstroTek


    The PumpSaver™ by Instrotek replaces Drierite and instead uses a metal plate that condenses water before it reaches your vacuum pump.

  • Instrotek Autorice controller showing the vacuum gauge and electrical hookups

    Instrotek AutoRice™ Controller


    Imagine if you could walk into your lab and your rice test starts automatically. With the Instrotek AutoRice™ controller, that dream is now a reality.

    There’s no cranking of a timer and no adjustments that need to be made to the valve of your manometer. You just walk up press a button and your test runs itself.


Are you looking for more? Give us call for our full catalog.

Are you looking for more? Give us call for our full catalog.