CoreDry Pro


The CoreDry Pro by Instrotek is the newest tool for your lab. Able to dry cores at the same speed and quality as the original unit, it also allows you to use the vacuum pump and integrated PumpSaver for your Rice Test.

Meet the New CoreDry Pro by Instrotek. This single unit can save space in your lab by allowing you to use its powerful oil-based vacuum pump and integrated PumpSaver to power your entire rice test setup.

As long as you already have an AutoRice unit (Which we highly suggest anyway) you can use the Rice Test function.

CoreDry Rice Test Setup

While the vacuum can only handle single pycnometer operation, it is ideal for labs with very limited space. The other bonus is that it can be directly supported and serviced by Gordon Technical.

  • Dries Field Cores In 15 minutes
  • Allows offset adjustments for your nuclear and non nuclear gauges in minutes
  • No loss of volatiles or sample integrity

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