Quick Core Clamp


The Quick Core clamp secures cores in one mechanical motion to your saw setup.

Safety made easy

We all want techs to use proper safety equipment, but when time is short, corners are often cut. This clamp design is simple, fast, and safe: a very rare combo.

How ours works

The Quick Core Clamp works by securing the cores with one motion. The special trigger mechanism secures the clamp so techs don’t have to hold the clamp or the core. This motion is easier than actually holding the cores and ensures a proper cut every time.

Will it fit my saw setup?

We have designed the Quick Core Clamp to work with as many different saw setups as possible by drilling slots to cover the most common bolt slots.

Physical Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H):

Performance Specifications

Power Source:
Power Consumption:
Operating Temperature Range:
Noise Level:
Safety Certifications:

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