31 Day Paper Chart – 60 Pack


Keep your temperature recordings on point with our 31 day paper charts, designed for perfect fit and month-long monitoring in asphalt QC labs.

Perfectly Crafted Paper Charts for Uninterrupted Temperature Monitoring

Our specially designed 60-pack of paper charts ensures your asphalt QC lab’s temperature recording is seamless and precise. Tailored to match the unique specifications of our Temperature Chart Recorder, each disc fits flawlessly, ensuring hassle-free recording every time.

Why Our Paper Charts Stand Out:

  • A Perfect Fit: The unique center hole of each chart guarantees an exact match with our Chart Recorder, ensuring smooth operation without any misalignments.
  • Extended Recording Time: With up to 31 days of recording capability, these charts are ideal for comprehensive monthly temperature monitoring, making them indispensable for detailed analysis and reporting in asphalt QC labs.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium paper, these charts ensure clear and accurate temperature recordings, making data analysis easier and more reliable.
  • Bulk Pack Convenience: The 60-pack offers great value and ensures you always have charts on hand for continuous operation, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency in your lab.

Elevate Your Temperature Recording

Our 31 day paper charts are more than just accessories; they’re essential tools for achieving precise and reliable temperature monitoring. Designed specifically for use with our Temperature Chart Recorder, these charts cater to the specific needs of asphalt QC labs, providing clarity, accuracy, and ease of use. With a month’s worth of recording potential on each chart, you can track temperature trends effortlessly, aiding in better decision-making and quality control.

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