Temperature Chart Recorder


Effortlessly monitor temperature trends with our Temperature Chart Recorder; a must-have for precision in asphalt QC labs.

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Introducing the Ultimate Temperature Chart Recorder for Asphalt QC Labs

Our Temperature Chart Recorder is more than just a tool; it’s your reliable partner in capturing and analyzing temperature data with precision. Designed with asphalt QC labs in mind, this recorder simplifies your workflow, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every measurement.

Why Choose Our Temperature Chart Recorder?

  • Versatile Applications: Whether it’s for vehicular, marine, or lab use, our recorder adapts to your needs. With 12-volt operation, it’s perfect for any environment.
  • Precision at Its Best: Comes equipped with a 6′ stainless steel tip probe for precise temperature readings.
  • Uninterrupted Operation: Thanks to its battery backup, you never have to worry about losing data during power outages.
  • User-Friendly Design: With front panel controls and a large LED display, navigating through settings is a breeze.
  • Flexible Installation: Whether you prefer it free-standing, wall-mounted, or even on the go, our recorder fits right in with a folding handle and support stand.
  • Data Your Way: Choose between single or continuous chart rotation and customize your speed and temperature ranges to suit your specific requirements.
  • Extended Reach: Optional sensor wires allow for remote readings from up to 100 ft away, bringing versatility to your data collection methods.

What Sets Our Recorder Apart?

While competitors focus on just the basics, our Temperature Chart Recorder goes the extra mile. It’s not just about reading temperatures; it’s about providing a comprehensive solution that caters to the intricate needs of asphalt QC labs. From the micro-controller design to the inclusion of assorted chart papers for detailed reporting, every feature has been thoughtfully integrated to enhance your data analysis processes.

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