Glass Volumetric Flask


Class A glass volumetric flask with a poly socket cap or snap cap option. All Flasks have a

Meet the essential tool for precise liquid measurements from Eisco Labs: the Volumetric Flask. As an acclaimed name in volumetric glassware, Eisco Labs’ Flask combines superior quality with practical design for your laboratory needs.

Eisco Labs, a family-owned company, is renowned for its meticulous control over its production chain. This attention to detail ensures that every flask, from the initial design to the final product, upholds the highest standards.

Our Volumetric Flask is the epitome of precision. Available in three standard sizes – 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml – it serves diverse measurement requirements. These sizes cater to a variety of laboratory applications, making the flask a versatile tool in your equipment lineup.

One of the standout features of our Flask is the choice of cap. With an option between a white plastic socket cap and a blue snap cap, we provide a solution to match your personal preference and specific laboratory needs. These caps assure a secure seal while adding a unique aesthetic touch.

What makes a flask volumetric? A Volumetric Flask, also known as a measuring flask, is a type of laboratory glassware with a bulbous body and a narrow neck. It’s designed to measure precise volumes of liquid, typically used in quantitative chemical analysis.

Our flask, created by Eisco, embodies this definition with its precise calibration and robust design.

500ml Glass Volumetric Flask with a blue snap cap and white gradation marker

Crafted from durable glass, the Flask from Eisco Labs can endure a variety of laboratory conditions. It’s an integral part of any lab equipment collection, offering reliability and precision.

Experience the Eisco Labs difference with our Volumetric Flask. With its exceptional design and high-performance, it’s a trusted choice for all your volumetric measurement needs.

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