Temp Timer Pro


Enhance your asphalt lab’s accuracy with Temp Timer Pro – the ultimate tool for precise temperature and timing control in quality testing.

Introducing Temp Timer Pro: Your Lab’s Precision Partner

Range: -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F)
-50°C to -20°C (-58°F to -4°F): ±2°C (±3.6°F)
-20­°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F): ±1°C (±1.8°F)
120°C to 200°C (248°F to 392°F): ±2°C (±3.6°F)
200°C to 300°C (392°F to 572°F): ±3°C (±5.4°F)
Resolution: 0.1°C
Sensor: Thermistor
Battery: 2 x AAA

Accurate Temperature Monitoring: In the precise world of asphalt quality control labs, the Temp Timer Pro stands out as a crucial tool. It’s engineered to provide exact temperature readings, which are essential for ensuring the quality and consistency of asphalt products. Whether it’s for testing, research, or development, Temp Timer Pro delivers the accuracy you need.

High/Low Temperature Alarms: Maximize efficiency and minimize errors with the Timers high and low temperature alarms. Set your desired temperature thresholds and let the device alert you when samples reach or fall below specified temperatures. This feature is perfect for maintaining the stringent temperature controls required in asphalt testing.

Clear, Easy-to-Read Display: Temp Timer Pro is equipped with a large display that presents all necessary temperature data clearly and concisely. With the added convenience of a backlight, reading temperatures in any lab setting is effortless, ensuring precise adjustments and monitoring at all times.

Customizable Alerts: Tailor the Temperature timer to fit the noise levels of your lab environment with adjustable alarm volume settings. Whether you’re in a noisy industrial setting or need a subtle alert, the device ensures you’ll never miss a critical temperature change.

Durable and Reliable: Designed with the demanding conditions of an asphalt QC lab in mind, Temp Timer Pro features a robust, splashproof construction. This resilience makes it an indispensable asset in any lab, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use while maintaining its precision.

Professional Grade Temperature Probes: The Alarm timer uses Pro-Series® temperature probes, known for their unparalleled accuracy, speed, and resistance to moisture. These probes are built to perform in the challenging conditions of professional labs, offering reliable readings that support your quality control processes.

Versatile Application: The Temp Timer Pro is not just another lab instrument; it’s a versatile partner for a wide range of asphalt quality control tests. Its ability to monitor and record temperatures over extended periods makes it perfect for various testing protocols, ensuring your asphalt products meet or exceed quality standards.

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