GTSSI Basket Loading Handle


The basket loading handle is designed to work with any sample basket set. The prongs are rounded to make sliding into our baskets easier, and the socketed design makes moving samples safe and easy.

The original loading handle had a major design flaw where the basket would just pop off of the prongs. We wanted to correct the design and make our baskets safer to use.

Our basket sets use sockets that the prongs will slide into that use the weight of the basket to hold firm. This prevents the basket from bouncing off of the handle.

Even if you don’t use our basket sets, you can still use our handles.

Modular Design

We hate the idea of throwing away something because one of its parts is damaged. We built our loading handles with modular parts so that any part of our handle can be replaced.

Comfortable and simple

By using mostly rounded parts, we were able to make the handle much more comfortable when wearing gloves. Our handles also don’t include any moving parts.


If any part of the loading handle is damaged, contact us so that we can replace the necessary parts.

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