Setra Balance


Setra balance for the NCAT Ignition oven. This balance is compatible with 859, 945, 1087, and 1275 series ovens.

The Setra Balance

The Setra is the internal balance for an NCAT Ignition oven and was designed for extreme high-heat environments.

The silver box protects all sensitive electronics from the infrared heat that is generated from the furnace.

The Setra is accurate to 0.1g and has a maximum capacity of 10,000 grams. It works in tandem with the hardware of an NCAT and can display weight and can also show draft conditions of an oven.

The balance is capable of storing time and date settings.

Setra balance showing all of the individual parts laid out

The balance sits on a specially made platform in the electronics bay and connects to the ceramic tubes of the furnaces by the 4 black standoffs pictured above.


Using the four screws (included) screw in the metal plate (right) to the metal box (top). The plate can be installed correctly so make sure that the entire surface is smooth and that the screws aren’t sticking up from the plate surface.

Next, you install the standoff plate (left) by sliding it into place onto the metal plate (right).

At this point, place what you have assembled onto the scale tray inside of the electronics bay of your NCAT furnace.

Install the scale board (bottom) onto the control panel and connect the ribbon connector from the metal box to the board.

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