Explosion Proof Asphalt Extractor


The explosion proof asphalt extractor is designed to separate liquid AC from the aggregate using a solvent.

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Looking for a reliable, safe and efficient tool for your asphalt lab? Let’s talk about our dependable Explosion Proof Asphalt Extractor. This machine is the perfect partner when you need to figure out the bitumen content in asphalt mixtures, a vital factor in determining the quality and lifespan of the asphalt.

Our lab extractor offers you complete control. The bowl speed can be cranked up to a fast 3,600 RPM, allowing you to customize the process according to your specific requirements.

If things start moving too quickly, there’s a built-in brake circuit that provides an immediate stop – ensuring you’re always in the driver’s seat.

Practicality is at the heart of this industrial centrifuge. The aluminum bowl is removable, meaning that cleaning and maintenance is straightforward. We’ve even built a special cup into the extractor’s cover, making pouring the solvent into the bowl a clean and easy job.

Here’s the standout feature of this centrifuge extractor: it’s explosion-proof. But it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. It means that whatever happens inside the machine stays inside. So if pressure builds up, everything is safely contained within the extraction centrifuge, ensuring a safe and clean working environment.

This is especially helpful when trichloroethylene is used.

Each of our centrifuge extractors comes fully equipped with 25 filter discs. These ensure your asphalt separation process is precise and consistent each and every time.

So if you’re searching for a proven, safe, and dependable explosion-proof centrifuge, look no further. Our Explosion Proof Asphalt Extractor has been a trusted tool in the industry for over 50 years.

It’s the perfect choice for professionals requiring accurate results, which is why many states recommend it for asphalt testing. Dependable and easy to use, this extractor is a true classic that delivers time and time again.

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