Custom Audio Lab Timer


Never miss an alarm with the Custom Audio Lab Timer. Features four separate timers, adjustable volume, strong magnetic strips, and the ability to record custom audio.

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Maximize Precision with Four Separate Timers

The Custom Audio Lab Timer is engineered for comprehensive time management in any laboratory setting.

Equipped with four distinct timers, this digital lab timer facilitates simultaneous monitoring of multiple experiments or processes, ensuring accurate timekeeping and enhanced productivity.

Unparalleled Volume Control

Adaptable to any lab environment, the timer features adjustable volume settings.

This allows for clear audio alerts in both high-noise areas and quiet spaces, ensuring critical alarms are heard, and productivity remains uninterrupted.

Enhanced Placement Flexibility with Strong Magnetic Strips

Designed for convenience and accessibility, the Custom Audio Lab Timer includes strong magnetic strips for secure attachment to any metal surface.

This feature guarantees the timer remains in a visible and reachable position, optimizing workspace organization and efficiency.

Customizable Audio Alerts

Stand out with the ability to record custom audio alerts.

This unique feature lets users personalize alarm sounds, transforming the standard reminder into a tailored, meaningful alert that reduces the risk of oversight.

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