Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA Jr.) Quote


Required in Virginia and North Carolina, the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA Jr.) is dual wheel asphalt wheel tracker that is designed to test Cold Mix, Warm Mix, and Hot Mix asphalt in wet or dry conditions.

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Versatility in Testing

The APA Jr. supports a wide range of tests including Hamburg Type Testing and Rut Testing with various wheel types. This allows for comprehensive testing of Cold Mix, Warm Mix, and Hot Mix asphalt under both dry and submerged conditions, crucial for assessing the performance of asphalt in various environmental conditions.

Advanced Control Features

With its PLC PC-based control system, the APA Jr. offers sophisticated controls that allow users to easily set and adjust testing parameters such as speed, load, and frequency drive. This level of control is essential for precise testing and obtaining reliable data.

High Pressure Testing Capability

The high-pressure feature is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of FAA P401 projects, making it suitable for testing high-stress areas like airport runways and taxiways.

Multiple Testing Options

The equipment can handle different types of samples (cylindrical, beam, gyratory, Marshall, Hveem, and roadway cores) and offers additional options like the Cold Plate for low-temperature testing and a Chiller for fatigue testing. This makes it a highly adaptable solution for various testing needs.

Temperature Control and Submersion System

The temperature-controlled water submersion system and the ability to perform tests from -5°C to 80°C ensure that the APA Jr. can simulate a wide range of climatic conditions to evaluate the performance of asphalt mixes under different weather scenarios.

Precision Measurements

The APA Jr. boasts high precision in its measurements, with the capability to measure up to .00001 of a millimeter, using systems like the Linear Position Transducer and LVDT’s for rut depth measurement. This precision is vital for accurate assessment and quality control.

Ease of Operation and Data Management

The integration with laptops and output to Microsoft Excel facilitates easy operation and management of test data, which is crucial for documentation and further analysis.

Comprehensive Calibration and Customization

The system’s capacity to be calibrated with high precision and its booster regulator for high-pressure testing allow customization to specific project needs, enhancing its utility in a professional setting.

These features make the APA Jr. a robust and flexible tool for an asphalt QC manager, ensuring that they can meet a broad spectrum of testing requirements while maintaining high standards of accuracy and reliability in asphalt quality control.

Physical Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H):27″ x 45″ x 61″ (686 mm x 1143 mm x 1549.5 mm)
Weight:1300 lbs. (590 Kg)
Material:Painted Steel Exterior, Stainless Steel Interior

Performance Specifications

Capacity:Water Tank: 2.94 Cu Ft (22 Gallons) Water Tray: 1.6 Cu Ft. (12 Gallons) Speed: 0 to 120 passes/minute
Power Source:208/230V, 50-60Hz, 50A, Single Phase
Power Consumption:9200 Watts (Calculated)
Operating Temperature Range:Not Known
Noise Level:Unknown
Safety Certifications:
Volume/Capacity:Compressed Air: 4 to 5 SCFM @ 827 Kpa (120 PSI)

Additional Information

Warranty Information
Compliance StandardsAASHTO T324, AASHTO T340, Tex-242-F
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