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The death of the 208v NCAT Ignition oven thanks to Buck Boost

The buck boost transformer has existed for many years, but many people don’t understand what this device can do. Most people assume that the power coming into your building limits you on what equipment you can use.

I say assume because most of the time there are workarounds to help you out and the 208v problem is no different.

One thing you may not know is that the NCAT Ignition Oven can utilize a buck boost transformer and completely eliminate the need for 208v furnaces.

Why are 208v furnaces bad?

It might seem like a good idea at first to get a 208v furnace if your location only receives 208v from the wall. 208v is coming in, might as well get a furnace that matches that right?

Unfortunately, the 208v furnace isn’t as efficient as its 240v variant. The blower motor that comes with the unit still needs 230v to operate efficiently. That means your blower motor isn’t running at 100%, it’s running closer to 75%.

Yes, the fan will still work but the blower motor, which isn’t designed to run that way, will burn out faster and will have to be replaced more frequently. Another damper to performance comes from warm-up and burn times.

Because you are running at a reduced voltage, the warm-up times are long. I mean painfully long. I mean having to head into work early just to make sure the furnace is started long.

You will need an additional 30 minutes to an hour added to your day, and lets not even get started on the time that will be added to each burn.

The 240v variant is the superior furnace. The warm-up times in the morning are quick, and the burns are even quicker. For those users with a 208v, you know that burns are slower.

You wouldn’t think a few minutes would matter, but if you have a lot of burns to get through during the day, you won’t be getting through them unless you have a 240v

Ok, but my location only gets 208v…

Well, we aren’t a power company. We’re not able to magically produce 240v… or are we?

Actually, it’s not magic. It’s all based on science. We use a buck boost transformer, available at Gordon Technical, that takes the 208v power coming into the building and converts it to 240v of pure, Unadulterated, POWER.

Great news, but I already have a 208v furnace…

All is not lost my friend. Gordon Technical is able to convert your 208v furnace to 240v for you. This means no more waiting for your NCAT to heat up, no more slow burns, and most importantly, no more expensive elements to purchase.

We can either send out lab techs to your location and have them do a retrofit of your unit, or you can send us your NCAT and we’ll do the retrofit at our warehouse. The second option is faster, and often it’s a lot cheaper, but we still like visiting our customers from time to time.

Once we have retrofitted your unit, all you need to do is have an electrician install our booster and you are good to go. We would do this install ourselves but we feel its best to leave it up to the experts.

Once everything is installed you end up with a fully functional 240v NCAT Ignition oven that heats up quickly with reduced burn times. Most importantly you wont have to purchase those expensive 208v elements ever again!

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