Wooden Handle Spatula


Wooden Handle Spatula with a stainless steel blade. Perfect for baking cakes and pushing around steaming hot asphalt.

What’s your risk level?

Most of our customers prefer the 14″ blade to keep them safely away from the hot asphalt. But some of our customers have no fear (or maybe no feeling in their hands) and use the 4″.

However risk-averse you are, we have an option for you.

Physical Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H):Various
Weight:0.07 lbs – 0.4 lbs
Material:Wooden Handle, Stainless Steel Blade

Performance Specifications

Power Source:N/A
Power Consumption:N/A
Operating Temperature Range:N/A
Noise Level:N/A
Safety Certifications:N/A

Additional Information

Warranty InformationN/A
Compliance StandardsN/A