12″ Test Sieves – Brass Frame / Stainless Mesh


12″ Test Sieves, ASTM E11 Compliant, for precise aggregate gradation in asphalt. Made in the USA by Dual Mfg.

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Exclusively crafted by Dual Manufacturing, our 12″ Test Sieves are essential tools for the asphalt industry. These ASTM E11 Compliant Sieves are the perfect solution for determining aggregate gradations in asphalt mixtures, offering a level of precision and consistency unmatched in the industry.

Since 1942, Dual Manufacturing has been dedicated to producing the highest quality products. These standard test sieves are a testament to that commitment. Each 12″ Test Sieve comes with an individualized etched serial number and is supplied with a certificate of analysis, ensuring you receive a product that meets stringent metallurgical standards and is certified by the manufacturer.

Whether you’re seeking laboratory sieves or fine sieves, these sieves are crafted from the highest quality alloys and made right here in the USA. This commitment to quality and service has set Dual Manufacturing apart in the industry and allowed it to remain the only sieve manufacturer still owned and operated by its founding family.

Experience the quality and precision that generations of customers have come to trust from Dual Manufacturing. Choose our 12″ Test Sieves for your asphalt aggregate gradation needs. With no subcontracting of the manufacturing process, these USA-made sieves embody the finest American craftsmanship.

Embrace the future of aggregate analysis and ensure your asphalt mixture hits the mark every time with our 12″ Test Sieves. Precision, quality, and integrity – that’s the Dual Manufacturing promise.

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