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The Pavelab50 Asphalt Analyzer is a closed loop extraction unit able to separate and extract the binder, filler, and aggregates from your asphalt sample. It can be used with various solvents including TCE.

What is an Auto Extractor?

The Pavelab50 Auto Extractor is a closed loop extractor for asphalt samples. This means that everything is done internally inside of the unit, safeguarding yourself and other lab personal during a test.

The unit takes a stripping chemical, like TCE (Trichlorethylene) and applies it to your asphalt sample in a way that removes the binder from the aggregate. In the end you’re left with clean and dry aggregate, your fines and filler, and the binder and additives in a separate container.

Isn’t TCE Dangerous?

Normally since TCE is a carcinogen, this process is dangerous, however because the system is closed, there’s no danger to personnel (Provided you follow the operating instructions of this unit).

How Does it work?

The unit has three steps from asphalt to complete separation:

  1. Asphalt Sample Is placed in a washing drum, inserted into the machine, and locked.
  2. Filter paper is placed in the centrifuge cup and installed in the machine.
  3. You set up the extraction parameters in the computer and press start.
    1. This tells the unit how many washes take place, how much TCE is used, and information about your sample.

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