NCAT Hearth Plate


The Shatter-Proof NCAT Hearth Plate built for the NCAT Ignition oven reduces the heat-up time of your furnace and doesn’t shatter when your tech slams a basket on it.

Shatter-Proof NCAT Hearth Plate

This stainless steel hearth plate, designed by Gordon Technical is designed as a direct replacement for your ceramic hearth plate.

This plate fits into all existing NCAT Ignition ovens and is built to withstand even the most abusive lab technicians out there.

What happens when this plate is dropped? It doesn’t shatter into a million pieces like its predecessor, that’s for sure!

Metal NCAT hearth plate inside an NCAT ignition oven

We have tested this plate extensively to ensure that it conforms to the requirements of the NCAT ignition furnace.

Its unique V bend protects the plate from warping under heat while the material reflects heat and causes the chamber to warm up faster.

Faster Warm-up Times

The metal plate helps reflect energy back into the chamber which would otherwise be absorbed and wasted.

Because of this feature, warm-up times when you first turn the unit on have been reduced (in some cases in as little as 1 hour and 15 minutes).

Reliability in burns.

The metal hearth plate was tested to ensure that burn times remain as reliable as with the ceramic plate.

Can you use metal as a hearth?

Yes! Side-by-side testing confirms that our plate has a faster warm-up time than a traditional hearth plate.

It still provides the same heat protection to the sensitive electronics below and has had no adverse effects on the performance of your furnace.

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