Equipment Table


This lab equipment table with casters allows equipment up to 1000lbs to be pushed easily into position. Perfect for equipment maintenance and changing the flow of your lab on the fly.

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We like when things roll

It annoys us to no end when we get a table and it comes installed with tiny castors that you have to drag across the floor. No matter which way you push, the wheels don’t turn because they can’t handle the weight.

When we decided to build our own tables, we made sure that the castors could handle up to 1000 lbs and still roll.

We use these tables daily in our shop to move heavy equipment around. The tables can support NCAT’s, Ovens, and even Large Furnaces.

Optional Shelves because you seem to really like them…

You asked and we provided. These tables can be fitted with an extra shelf for storage if you’d like. Just send us a note and we’ll send you a quote.


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