Asphalt Concrete Combo Core Bit


The Professional Bit by Kor-It is an Asphalt Concrete Combo Core Bit that comes in multiple size diameters and has a cut depth of 18″ Standard.

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The Professional Drill Bit by Kor It specializes in cutting through tough materials thanks to its brilliant engineering. Each core bit has specialized trapezoid diamond segments that cut into whatever material you’re cutting with ease and come standard with an 18″ cut depth.

  • Bits 1-5/8″ and up have 1-1/4″-7 Threaded Hub.

Physical Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H):
Material:Steel, Diamond Infused Steel

Performance Specifications

Power Source:N/A
Power Consumption:N/A
Operating Temperature Range:N/A
Noise Level:
Safety Certifications:N/A

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