24 Hour Pyramid Timer


The 24 hour Pyramid Timer from Cooper Atkins is a staple in your lab. The timer can be mounted on a wall from the back, or placed on a table-top on its non-stick rubber feet.

The keypad on the front is splash-proof and can be cleaned with a damp towel. The timer has a volume-controlled continuous alarm (up to 90 decibels) and flashing red light.

The 24 hour Pyramid timer almost seems like it was built for a QC lab instead of a restaurant. The front control membrane is water proof which makes cleaning it a breeze, and it has the ability to be wall mounted which makes displaying it easy.

If you prefer to sit it on the counter, the rubber feet on the bottom will keep it in place as well.

The real genius behind its design is the red light system that alerts you when the timer is done. The asphalt lab is loud and having something visual to tell you when a timer is done can make all the difference.

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