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NCAT Ignition Furnace

World Leading Service Provider with a combined 30 years of experience.

General Heating Ovens

Shel-Lab, Yamato, Despatch, Quincy, and More

Welcome to Calibration Nation

If it can be calibrated, we can calibrate it to your state's specification

Do you have old Gyratory Molds?

We can resurface them at half the cost of buying a new one!

NCAT ignition furnace

At GTSSI, we know the NCAT ignition furnace like the back of our hand. Our technicians have a combined 30 years experience with the furnace, and every member of our staff has personally handled the unit. You can rest assured that when you call us, we know what we are talking about.

Why choose GTSSI as your NCAT furnace service provider?

We offer over-the-phone technical support to our loyal customers, and can generally determine whats wrong in a 5 minute conversation. This in turn allows you to eliminate an unnecessary technician visit and streamlines your repair process. GTSSI is committed to eliminating as much down time as possible, so that your operation never suffers.

What services do you provide?

  • NCAT Repair – We can analyze your NCAT, diagnose the issues, And repair on-site.

  • NCAT Service – Routine maintenance is the name of the game when it comes to continuous uptime!

  • NCAT Calibration – We verify and calibrate your NCAT so that all heating elements are in proper working order.

  • Setra Calibration – We verify and calibrate your Setra so that every test is correct.

Interested in getting your NCAT worked on?

NCAT Furnace
Yamato Oven

General heating ovens

From Shel-Lab to Despatch, Yamato and the like, and oh so much more. No heating oven is off limits for our GTSSI trained service technicians.

  • Oven repair

  • Oven service

  • Oven calibration

Interested in getting you general heating oven worked on?


In addition to ovens, GTSSI can calibrate almost anything you could possibly need. We even made a list for you to help you out.

  • Scale calibration – We can calibrate your scales

  • Load frame calibrations

  • Thermometer calibration

  • Vacuum gauge calibration

  • Caliper calibration

  • Micrometer calibration

  • Mass weight calibration

Resurfaced Gyratory Mold

Gyratory mold resurfacing

We can take any of your gyratory molds and resurface them making them better than new.

With our process, the interior of the mold is ground to a perfectly smooth surface. After grinding, the interior is moleculary bonded with a chromoly, which is three times harder than the original steel, and machines so it is just inside the tight side of the specification.

Each mold is returned with a new specification sheet that verifies the interior diameter.