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Fast response time

We don’t string you around for weeks before a technician comes to service you asphalt lab, we get to you when you need us. Our three-tiered priority selection allows you to decide how quickly we get there. Try it out today!

Submit a Ticket
Submit a Ticket

Gyratory Mold Resurfacing

Don’t throw away molds that have gone out of spec. We can resurface your molds to become better than new with chromium. Don’t believe us? press the button down below and learn how it works.

Resurfaced Gyratory Molds
Resurfaced Gyratory Molds

Glass Cleaning Experts

We know everything about your Pyrolytic oven and have all of the needed parts ready to be shipped out at a moment’s notice. We carry catalyst trays for 3AB, 5AB, and 7AB model pyrolytic ovens as well as fiberglass and silicone gaskets.

Complete pyrolytic oven Service
Complete pyrolytic oven Service

Lab service the way you need it

When your asphalt testing lab is down, you aren’t able to wait a few weeks for someone to stop by. You need fast and efficient service to keep everything running smoothly. Gordon service technicians are trained to perform one-visit service trips in order to reduce your downtime. We’ll even stop by before lab hours if you need us to.

We specialize in NCAT maintenance

We are the national service center for NCAT Ignition ovens. Every part is in stock and our technicians are ready to head out to you at a moment’s notice. All of our employees are trained on how the NCAT works (yes, even our awesome office staff).

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Asphalt lab service of NCAT Ignition ovens