GTSSI Has all the Sieves Your Lab Needs!

GTSSI carries testing sieves from Dual Manufacturing Co. We carefully reviewed all sieve manufacturers on the market and found that Dual produces not only the highest quality testing sieve, but also trumps a lot of manufacturers in price.

We typically carry an entire Superpave Sieve stack for both the 8″ and 12″ diameter sieves in our warehouse. We also handle every height available from Half Height, Intermediate Height, and Full Height.

All USA Standard Sieves Dual Mfg Produces are sold as ASTM E11 Compliant Sieves and are supplied with a free certificate stating all relevant facts associated with “Compliant Sieves”

*All Stainless Sieves available upon request

Rotary Lab Sifter

The Rotary Lab Sifter quickly and efficiently processes samples in either 8″(203mm) or 12″(305mm) sieves.

Simple conversion between the two sieve sizes takes less than a minute and requires no tools.

Sieve stacks require no clamping and the mechanism is completely enclosed. The sieve stack is continuously rotated at an angle. UHMW polyethylene faced hammers apply additional agitation for effective separations.

Sieve stack capacity is 6 full-height, 12″ sieves plus pan, or as many as 20 8″, half-height sieves plus pan.

Case construction is dense, humidity and impact resistant MDF board. The case is joined to the heavy-gauge tubular steel frame with steel pinions. A safety switch cuts power if the door is opened during operation. The digital countdown controller with large red LED display precisely times test cycles.

Settings are saved between cycles, allowing precise repeatability and one-button operation. The timer has a pause function and selectable modes for operation up to 99 hours, 59 minutes. Assembled dimensions are 19x24x58″

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