Tempyrox/Barnstead Pyrolytic Glass Cleaning Oven

high-temperature ovens for laboratory use, featuring a high-temperature thermal cleaning process for removing contaminants from laboratory glassware and metal parts and installations for cleaning using heat, namely, thermal cleaning systems

The pyrolytic Glass Cleaning oven is used for the cleaning of glassware used with organic materials.  The liquid asphalt testing and plastics industries can use this oven to clean extruder heads and all laboratory glassware.  Gordon Technical Sales & Service Inc. has the only certified technician in the world for this unit as well as stocking all of the parts.

We can Re-build yours!

Gordon Technical Specializes in refurbishing and rebuilding older Pyrolytic ovens to get them up and running.

Recently, We received a 15-Year-old unit, that was inoperable and completely covered in black soot.

Our Certified Technicians were able to recondition the unit and bring it back to a fully operational pyrolytic oven. We Re-Tested the machine and ran it through its paces. We reprogrammed all the timers and controllers and cleaned up the soot.

Total Turnaround time: 3 Days

Warranty for Refurbished Units?

You Better Believe it!

We offer a one year warranty (which includes parts and labor) on all of our refurbished/reconditioned pyrolytic ovens.