I don’t know how to put this but… Our oils are kind of a big Deal


.826 sp. gr., is the standard fluid for use in inclined manometers, “D” type vertical manometers and all Dwyer gages using red fluid.

Blower Motor Oil

High-Temperature Synthetic Lubricating Oil

  • Lubricates your NCAT blower motor to help extend your motors life span.
  • NC-1175

Vacuum Pump Oil

Factory specified oil for the CoreLok® and CoreDry vacuum pumps. Bottle contains 1 quart of oil–enough for two oil changes.

Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil

Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil is the gold standard in vacuum pump care. For use in any vacuum pump, Black Gold is extremely pure and non-detergent. Our Black Gold is hydro processed, meaning it goes through a series of catalytic steps rendering the oil extremely refined, more viscous, and more stable. The result is clear mineral oil which will alert you to contamination sooner as it becomes cloudy or milky. In extreme temperatures, the oil will be more resistant to contaminants. We still recommend, however, that the oil be changed after every evacuation for maximum performance and pump efficiency.

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