P.I.E.² Pyrolytic Oven

The greatest solution to solvent-free cleaning.

The P.I.E.² pyrolytic oven is the largest pyrolytic oven on the market. The chamber has a 5 cu/ft capacity and includes two catalyst trays. The entire oven is made of stainless steel which gives it a sleek look and prevents corrosion.

Skip the elbow grease, use a PIE2 cleaning oven instead!

The interior and exterior construction is 100% stainless steel eliminating the risk of corrosion that occurred in the original Barnstead/Tempyrox Pyro-Clean. With a 5.0 cu/ft interior, the PIE² is the largest Pyrolytic oven on the market, and the only unit to have an optional Nitrogen Purge system.

The customized digital touch screen allows for easy operation of the unit, and the oven is equipped with top of the line safety features.