Stop throwing away used gyratory molds!

Seriously, stop doing it.

I cannot tell you how many times I go into a lab and see old gyratory molds sitting on shelves collecting dust. Most of them are in otherwise perfect condition, and most of them can be brought back to life. And yet, year after year companies decide it’s easier to throw them away and just replace them with new ones.

They are throwing money away! Money that could otherwise be spent on something else.

Well, today I am here to tell you that thanks to Gordon Technical, gyratory molds can be resurfaced and revived from all those years sitting on a shelf. They can be brought back into working order and can last longer than stock gyratory molds purchased at the source.

How is this possible? Here comes the sciency bit:

The refurbishment process begins with cleaning. Old molds are scrubbed and cleaned so that the surface is free from debris or leftover asphalt residue. We then take the molds and grind down their surface so that it is smooth and ready to be resurfaced. We have to remove dimples and any other surface defects so that the sides are perfectly round and parallel. Next, we apply chromium to the steel using electrolysis which molecularly bonds the two materials together. Chromium is naturally a harder material than the stainless steel used for gyratory molds. While this is great on its own when chromium is combined with steel, the bonded material is even stronger than the sum of its parts. This creates a surface that can stand up to the likes of granite and can extend the life of your mold for years to come.

Now, after all of this, we end up with a mold that more closely resembles an orange. The chromium builds up in places and needs to be ground down again to achieve perfection. Using our high precision grinder, we reduce the surface down to anywhere between 5.9020″ and 5.9030″. While the spec says we can go down to 5.9016″ we prefer to leave a little “meat” left so that your mold’s life can be extended further.

We now ship your mold back to you with a calibration certificate, and you enjoy a quality mold without paying anything close to a new mold.

So please, don’t throw away your molds, resurface them instead.