The Gordon Name

Gordon Technical Sales and Service, Inc. has been serving the asphalt industry for the past 12 years. We believe that better products, fast and efficient service, and delivering knowledge to our customers are the only way to conduct business. That’s why our market share has increased every year since our inception. We stand with our customers, not behind a desk pestering them to buy our stuff.

We have 3 distinct branches that each operate behind our core values.

  • Gordon Products
  • Gordon Service
  • Gordon Knowledge

Gordon Products

We find and provide all of the products a quality control lab could ever need. Everything that arrives at our warehouse is inspected and verified to make sure anything that we sell works right the first time. QC managers don’t have time to wait for RMA’s and so the effort we put into our quality helps reduce wasted time drastically.

On the off chance that a piece of equipment needs to be fixed, we don’t burden our customers with the warranty process. We handle it for them.

Gordon Service

Our service is the best in the country because we devote ourselves to a one-and-done policy. Customers should expect a service visit to completely solve their problem and Gordon Service delivers that expectation. We use video conferencing, and good old fashioned phone calling to make sure that we know what we are looking at before we get there. Our solutions don’t just solve the issue, they solve the underlying problem. This is why most QC labs prefer Gordon Service.

Gordon Knowledge

Knowledge is what differentiates us from every other service and product company in our industry. When we come across a new problem our entire company works together to solve it. Yes, I really mean the entire company too. Our knowledgebase is quite large, and all of our customers benefit from it.

Recently, our knowledge branch has started a new line of service called Custom Lab solutions. We go into existing labs and help them maximize space by either providing them with space-saving devices, or we make them ourselves.